Fire-resistant glass

This new type of glass effectively provides a transparent fire wall and rated protection against heat, flame, smoke, and hot gases. It is made from processed float glass, it can keep intact within 60-120 minutes, it can also prevent dispersion of high-temperature toxic gas from flame, fume and burning, maintain excellent transmission that is good for people to do fire fighting.


1) Made by a single and special float glass, lighter and thiner than conventional fire-proof glass.
2) Exploited only for fireproofing demand
3) Higher strength. It is 6-12 times as strength as the common glass, and 1.5-3times as the tempered glass.

4) Good security, little fragment after broken.


Fire-proof glass could be used in exhibition hall, store house and other industrial or commercial buildings which are required to be protected for fire accidence. It is an ideal material mainly used for indoor fire wall and sound insulating fire wall.